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Hats Hats Everywhere!

It seems like I’m surrounded by pregnant women these days. Several close friends of ours are expecting, and no fewer than four women at work are as well. What does this mean? Baby hat knitting time! (And a few older children’s hats as well thrown in for good measure) Here is the super cute pumpkin hat for our favorite five year old, and two matching newborn hats for our friend expecting twin boys in a few weeks. Baby hats are great, because they can be knit out of a single skein of yarn, and they are the knitters version of instant gratification, as they take only a few hours to complete. They are also really stinkin cute!
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  1. Ingunn Ingunn

    Yay, blog! Those hats are ridonculous – I kind of want the pumpkin one in normal human-size.

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