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Early Birthday Presents…

So as we were camping this weekend, Tom kept teasing me by saying that he had an early birthday present waiting for me when we got home. Since my birthday isn’t for another two weeks, I was confused as to why it couldn’t just wait. After convincing me that it was not a puppy or anything else “alive”, he told me I’d just have to wait and see. After we arrived home, I was presented with a wrapped package to open. Inside, I found three plastic bags that were labeled from Territorial Seed Company. They were peony tubers!! They grow really well in the Pacific Northwest, and are beautiful in late spring, and I’ve admired them in other’s gardens for years. So…next spring I will have my very own fragile, delicate, fragrant blossoms to add color to our side garden. As much as I love our vegetables and our vegetable garden, it will be nice to have something that’s only job is to be pretty.

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