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The Woe of the Left Sock!

May 2nd, 2010

My knitting has stalled.  Motivation is fleeting.  Guilt has descended.  Yes, I’m suffering from Left Sock Syndrome.  No, it was not stolen by dryer nymphs, (yes, they DO exist).  It has yet to be knitted!  You see, like many knitters who have come before me, I love knitting the first sock!  I get really jazzed about re-learning how to turn the heal, and enjoy looking up kitchener stitch for the 8 gazillionth time, and I rejoice and feel all proud of myself when the sock is done!  ….and then it sits in the bag for a month.  Or two. Snuggled right next to my teeny tiny sock needles and yarn.  Now, if I was more disciplined, or listened to the millions of knitters out there who are wiser and more experienced than I, I would have cast on the  stitches for the second sock as soon as I finished the first one!  And I tried, I really did, but it was late, and I got a knot in my yarn and I had to rip out the cast on stitches….and so there is no left sock.  I plan on starting it today, at least getting the stitches cast on, so that I can finish the silly things and move on to other patterns.  ::sigh::

5 Cable Baby Hat

January 20th, 2010

It seems like all I knit these days are baby hats!  So many babies!  This one was made for another coworker, who should be delivering any day now. I was tired of pink, and wanted a change, but still wanted something feminine, since she knew she was having a girl, so here comes purple!  I have enjoyed working with the Vanna’s Choice yarn, made by Lion Brand, since it is a durable, acrylic blend, which will make for easy washing and long wearing (hopefully) for the little girls I’ve been knitting for.  This 5 Cable hat is a variant of the 10 Cable hat from Hey Julie.  Seriously, I love these patterns, and they will be my go-to baby hats from now on.  They would also be a good project for a new knitter who was interested in trying cables for the first time.  I have found that I am not too fond of the SSK (Slip Slip Knit) stitch as a decrease method, my stitches always look too big for some reason.  I have tried adjusting my tension, but haven’t been able to make them look less bulky than the other stitches.  Anyways, I loved making this hat, and I think it turned out well!  What do you think?

Flower Baby Hat

November 4th, 2009

So I knitted this one up quickly for my French teacher, who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl about three months ago. It’s bad luck in France to give a shower before the baby is born, so those of us who took her French class last year go together a few days ago to have a “mini shower” for her. I decided to knit this hat.

The pattern is from Knitted Baby Hats which I have loved in the past, (remember the pumpkins?), but this had left a little something to be desired. I think the final result is cute, but some of the different parts are a bit cumbersome to work with. For example, the pattern calls for you to make all the petals separately, then attach them separately. This was complicated, and made for LOTS of ends to weave in at the end, (my least favorite part of knitting). The next time, I would still knit each petal separately, but I would put them on double pointed needles and knit a round or two to join the piece, THEN attach and tack down the petals. Another possibility is to knit the petal circle directly onto the main portion of the hat before it’s closed off, this making the transition seamless. As of now, I can still see some pink peaking through between the petals and the stem, which bothers me.

While the hat is cute, and Tom insists that only I will ever see the imperfections, I still don’t like having an imperfect product (perfectionist, I know). Oh well, I think she’ll still love it! What do you think?

Hats Hats Everywhere!

September 28th, 2009
It seems like I’m surrounded by pregnant women these days. Several close friends of ours are expecting, and no fewer than four women at work are as well. What does this mean? Baby hat knitting time! (And a few older children’s hats as well thrown in for good measure) Here is the super cute pumpkin hat for our favorite five year old, and two matching newborn hats for our friend expecting twin boys in a few weeks. Baby hats are great, because they can be knit out of a single skein of yarn, and they are the knitters version of instant gratification, as they take only a few hours to complete. They are also really stinkin cute!