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Skyline Ridge

About two weeks ago, our friends Sam and Meghan moved to Seattle!  Yay!  They’ll be staying with us for a few weeks until they get jobs and lodging and stuff, and it’s been great to have them.  Last weekend, Meghan decided to be brave and accompany Tom  and I on her first ever snowshoeing adventure.  The weather was AMAZING, and we were able to get up Skyline Ridge with no difficulty.  The sun was shining, which, around here is the best kind of therapy.

We started out parking across from the Steven’s Pass ski resort, and headed up.  This trail climbs relentlessly, so I’m glad it’s short!  Once we broke the treeline, the views were great, and they just kept getting better the higher we went.  Eventually we reached Skyline Lake, which was completely snow-covered and frozen.  Not wanting to touch the pristine snow, (or text the ice), we followed the boot path around the lake, and continued up the (steep) path until we were high on the ridge.  With sweeping views to the south and west into the Alpine Lakes Wilderness and more, we decided it was lunch time!

Tom wanted to venture up a little higher, but I was too chicken, so Meghan and I hung back at the lunch spot and took pictures.

Blue sky, snowcapped peaks, and sunshine.  Can’t ask for much more than that.

After lunch, we headed back down, with Meghan leading through the trees, back to the lake, and back down to the car.  It was a wonderful day, and I think Meghan has become a snowshoeing convert.  It was a nice mid-winter reminder about how much I love where we live.


Baby Girl!

So two weeks ago, our good friends Brendan and Ellie welcomed their new baby girl into the world. It was wonderful to be able to share that experience with them. Sheryl, Tom and I were anxiously waiting in the hospital waiting room, literally dancing with anticipation , (ok Tom didn’t dance). We also brought Indian food for Brendan, and later Ellie, as they hadn’t had much to eat since Ellie went into labor. Finally, we got the call that the baby had arrived, “it” was a girl, and we’d be able to cuddle her shortly.

After we were allowed in, the new baby (as she didn’t have a name yet), needed to be checked out to count fingers and toes, and get a bath for the first time! Brendan did the honors.

The paparazzi was definitely out in force, especially after Sheryl’s husband showed up with yet another camera. At least she will be a well documented baby! Thank you, Brendan and Ellie for sharing the birth of your beautiful daughter with us! We can’t wait to take her hiking 🙂

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