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Lemon-Drenched Lemon Cake

Ok, so I confess that I LOVE to read food blogs. I have several that I read on a regular basis, one of which is Joy the Baker, Today, I noticed that she had posted about her favorite quick breads, something which I really enjoy baking because you don’t have all the waiting around for yeasts to do their thing like regular bread making requires. I’m not the world’s most patient person, and I also have a husband who bounces, thus making somewhat temperamental “rising” recipes difficult in this house.

I’ve been feeling under the weather recently, and can’t really taste anything due to a blocked nose, so I wanted to bake something that really had some uumph behind it. Enter the Lemon-Drenched Lemon Cake. Ahhh lemon, how I love thee. We seriously love lemon around here, and this cake lived up to the yumminess expectations.

Simple ingredients, (There’s a sinful amount of butter in this cake. Deal.):

Combined (I love my stand mixer. If you bake, you must buy one. It’s better than a TV in your kitchen.):

To make lemony heaven. Oh yum.

If you’re not vegan, make this now. I promise you’ll be glad you did.

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